Our Story

Olio foods was established in 1979 as a bread manufacturing unit in the mini industrial estate malipuram, kerala. from bread, the company has grown into various bakery and snack products. At present we are offering more than 102 products...
  • Quality

    Our approach to Quality starting with suppliers. We follow rigorous procurement and auditing processes to ensure we select safe, high quality raw materials.

  • Attention to Detail

    Baking is a precise science and the wrong sort of raising agent or incorrect oven temperature can create problems. Careful attention to detail is necessary when baking.

  • Patience

    It takes patience to ensure that things are done to a high standard in baking, the most common examples being whisking, creaming and mixing.

  • Creativity

    Having a flair for baking means knowing what flavours work well and being able to experiment successfully using your technical know-how.

Year's of Trust